Multi-function insulation glazing

Not all glass is created equal – in addition to low-e glass and solar control glass, the SEMCO range also offers Klimaglas, safety glass and sound insulating glass. Our goal: To dispense as much daylight as possible into living and working spaces and simultaneously maximise sustainability, safety and well-being


Safety Glass

SEMCO safety glass actively and passively increases the safety and security of the building. Actively by protecting against break-ins, ballistic attack and explosions, depending on the glazing format, and passively through protection from injury in the case of shattering or breakage.


Curved Glass

Rounded forms are setting the trend in facade design. Whether cylindrical, spherical or conical, curved glass makes each and every building look exceptional. FINIGLAS technology and project management galvanises architecture.


Glass design

SEMCO sets trends that enhance the pleasure of living with glass. This is especially true of interior design, where currently the bold interplay of shapes, colours and configurations is truly in vogue. Maintaining the highest safety standards in this respect is a matter of course. 



In insulating glass units, the application of multi-function and colour-neutral SEMCO Klimaglas coatings achieves thermal insulation and provides protection against overheating in summer. At the same time, the corresponding technical values and visual impact fully meet the requirements for modern, future-oriented architecture.


Our path from

1977 to the present

In the beginning it was primarily glass

Founded as a craft trade enterprise with two employees in Westerstede in 1977, over the following four decades we established ourselves as a driver for progression and innovation within the European float glass industry. Now employing 1,800 staff at 21 European locations, we serve our customers as a competent glazing partner for interiors, windows and facades. Join us on a journey back to the future from 1977 onwards.


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